Our Plumbing Inspection Offers the Information That Wichita Falls, TX, Locals Need

Few aspects are more important to a home staying safe and sanitary than its plumbing system. From clogs to leaks and overflows, there could be many issues that an untrained eye may miss. Rather than risk a health hazard and financial headache, call Hollis Inspections to find out exactly what you may be dealing with. We can perform a plumbing inspection in Wichita Falls, TX, that catches issues early to help you save money and avoid property damage. Because we’re an independent party, you can be certain of receiving honest answers.

Hollis Inspections sends a licensed plumbing inspector with more than 20 years of home construction experience who knows what to look for. We always do a thorough job and take great care not to miss a thing. Once we’re done, you’ll receive a comprehensive report delivered both digitally and on paper. You’ll learn what you need to fix or are legally obligated to disclose. Whether you’re looking to set a fair price for your house or know that the place you’re planning to buy is safe and structurally sound, our plumbing services make that possible.