Detailed Property Inspection in Wichita Falls, TX

It is essential to have it inspected to ensure it will make a good home for your family when purchasing a property. You don’t want to find out after moving in that there are issues with the wiring or leaks in the plumbing. Hollis Inspections is here to prevent that from happening. We will take care of your property inspection in Wichita Falls, TX, checking over all areas of the property.

Our experienced team has the skills and resources needed to perform a multi-point inspection and will ensure the condition of the property before you buy. When looking over the building, our property inspectors will check several vital areas, including the electrical systems and plumbing, the roof, and the structural integrity. To learn more about our home inspection services or discuss the property you need us to check out, reach out to our office.

When delivering our inspection services, we always provide efficient and accurate results for our clients. This way, you will know the exact condition of the property and be able to make an informed decision before proceeding with a real estate transaction.

Putting Clients First

While a standard inspection includes everything from checking the attic for insulation to ensuring the electrical is up to code, there are specific areas of concern that property owners and potential buyers must consider:

Comprehensive Inspection Skills


Termite inspections are vital because the damage done isn’t always apparent until too late. These insects can seriously affect a structure’s integrity; finding them early on is the key to protecting real estate value and preventing expensive repairs. Our experience means we know what to look for and can quickly evaluate the extent of the damage. Once you know you have a problem, you can take remediation steps to address it. While it’s not always good news, it’s better to know the termites are there so you can get ahead of the more significant issues they can cause.


Since most of the plumbing in a home is behind walls or under floors, it can be challenging to know if there are any issues; however, we are prepared to provide plumbing inspections. Leaking water often finds its way to the worst possible location, and an assessment can help uncover a minor issue before it becomes a major one. Whether you need a whole home inspection or something more specific like a termite or plumbing inspection, please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment.